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    Since there is such a big issue with the voicemail alerts disabling after the dialpad hack. I figured I'd start a new thread that just focused on that very item. I myself am trying to resolve this aswell as a few other people on here. There is not doubt in my mind that this can be resolved by utilizing the right resources.

    Presently I am in need of a Process Viewer that can show me all the process on the treo including the hidden ones. I'd prefer to have one that works from my pc instead of one that needs to be install on the treo. If anyone knows of one or where to get it, I'd greatly appreciate their input. Also if anyone can extract the activecall.dll and the activecall_enus.dll and post it, that would be wonderful aswell. Those 2 files are hidden on the treo but I assure you they are there.

    Now I must say I'm new to the smartphone realm so you'll have to excuse any ignorance I might have. On the other hand, I am WELL versed in the realm of pc based windows. So it's just a matter of time before I'm on the same level with Windows Mobile.

    Once again, any help will be greatly appreciated. I hope we can come together and work this out for everyone.
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    I was just thinking about asking you how things were going with this. I will be paying attention to your thread, and will help in any way I can. I will try to extract those files (if I can find them myself LOL).
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    Quote Originally Posted by syrguy1969 View Post
    I was just thinking about asking you how things were going with this. I will be paying attention to your thread, and will help in any way I can. I will try to extract those files (if I can find them myself LOL).

    I thank ya I know they are there because I see them as a part of the shell32.exe process when I have the active call plug-in enabled. What I'm trying to do is get my hands on them and recompile them as the plug-in they are but change the script to call for the WM5 dialer instead of the treo dialer. Everyone has been looking in the registry for this fix. I really think that's a waste of effort, it's in the process's. There is a notification sent from the cell provider to alert for VM. There has to be a program in idle waiting to be que'd by that notification. Everything I've learned and tried points me to these dll's. So that's where I'm gonna focus. I could verywell be wrong, but hey, I don't have anything better to do
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    Certainly doesn't hurt to try, I will let you know what I find!!!
  5. #5 far good news/bad news. I found the files (that was actually quite easy), but I have not been able to copy them so far, the regular explorer won't copy them, and the Resco doesn't show them. I will keep trying though, that was only my forst attempt, and I am at work, so I don't have full computer access. I will let you know!!!
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    Guess it would help if I was to put the right file names on here.

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    I did notice that, just didn't think it was worth mentioning (I knew what you meant). I am thinking I should be able to copy and move .dll files while I am synced....can't I?

    I think that may be the problem now....trying to do in on the device itself.

    Do you have any suggestions, of know another way?
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    Nope don't work, been there done that.... ha ha .... I have an odd feeling it's going to require putting the device in like a safe mode before they can be copied properly, or finding a program that can do the copy properly. I have the program I need for disassembling and reasembling 32bit files, but I'm lacking software to get hidden and locked files out of windows mobile.
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    That is funny, I know I have copied .dll files before....WeatherPanel had a couple fixes that were .dll files.

    Do you use PPCGeeks as well? I thought I saw you there at one point. I was thinking I could post over there as well. I know there is a lot of cross-over people, but if both sets of experts were hit up, I am sure somebody can do it. I did send Wideawake a ROM update for our devices a while back, I could ask him.
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    Ya I'm lllboredlll over there aswell. Guess it wouldn't hurt to post this over there aswell.
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    I thought I saw you there...would you like the honors, since you started it here? LOL
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    There it is done
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    Cool...I will find and subscribe to it so if somebody has an idea I can (hopefully) contribute as well!!

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