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    OK, I have upgraded to WM6 on my 750 (ATT) and I have noticed a small issue. When I had my tilt, I could go to the bank of america's website, no problem. With the Treo, I get the following message when I access the homepage of :

    "For security reasons, your device can't access Mobile Banking"

    I did not have this issue with my 680 OR my Tilt (WM6) so I don't understand why I am having it now. Would someone with the WM6 version try it and report back to me? The AT&T "tech" says that she could access it fine, but somehow, I don't feel comfortable with them; but moreso with all you folks.

    Many thanks in advance for your assistance!!
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    I had no problem with the Banl of America link.

    Carrier = AT&T
    OS = WM6 Generic
    Device = Treo 750v

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    Perhaps it is the Proxy issue.

    Try disabling the Proxy before logging into the site
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    Tried all of the above, nbothing worked. So, I wiped the memory (hard reset) and immediately tried it. STIL get that warning message, and I cannot access my banks websites.... grrrr!
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    This is a known issue, it has to do with the identity of the Treo. You need to change the User Agent to the 8525 and disable the AT&T proxy to make it work.

    Go to this link and look for my posting - 3rd from bottom - and load those 2 files. I keep mine on the 8525 agent. You only need to change back to 750 when at a site that needs to identify your phone for a model specific download or something.
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    I tried that (the CAB files). I STILL could not access the site, then, when I tried to restore the 750 User Agent, I got a security warning message from the handheld, and I can't access half the unit! Fortunately, I have a backup from 0300 this morning, so I am wiping the unit and restoring from the backup...oh joy!

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