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    Hey I think I've had about enough of this treo freezing up on me and I am looking for an alternate phone that Verizon carries that has good web browsing capabilities and the ability to install 3rd party apps. Any suggestions?
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    If you want touch-screen, your only two real choices (besides purchasing used off ebay or somewhere like that) would be the 6800 (I have heard a lot of good things about that one), or the Samsung SCH-i760 (personally I don't like the layout of it, but a lot of people seem to like it.

    I would just to into the store and see which feels more comfortable. If you don't care about touch screen, the Q has been a big one (except for the battery issues).
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    has anyone heard anything about the voyager? is it comparable at all? I kinda like the samsung one but would def need to do some more research on it
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    The voyager is just a touch screen phone. No PDA. As for the Samsung I-760 it is a nice phone and PDA but you have to get use to the keyboard. But the wifi works great. So does the bluetooth and now for some reason after having the phone for two weeks the battery life is great. It started off really bad but I have no complaints.
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    hmmmm yeah I think ill def have to mess around with some of the phones in the store and see which one I like
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    According to the Verizon website, the VX6800 has some advantages over the i760:

    1) the VX6800 allows you to edit Word and Excel documents, the i760 can only view them
    2) the VX6800 has Adobe Reader built in, instead of Picsel (probably not much of a difference)
    3) the VX6800 has more available onboard memory
    4) the VX6800 has a 2.0 mp camera, opposed to a 1.3
    5) the VX6800 is voice-command capable
    6) the VX6800 has more usage and standby time

    The only advantage I could find with the i760 is that it weighs less.

    Now, all that being said, there may be horrific hardware problems with one over the other which I am unaware, but that's an initial review of both.

    If'n you love your 700w and want to stay with a familiar platform, there's always the 700wx.

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