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    What is a better way to setup 2 personal email accounts (hotmail and gmail) on my phone? Should I use Xpress Mail or the base email inbox that is listed on the today screen?

    Can anyone explain the difference between the two options and the pros and cons?

    Big Thanks!
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    I have no experience w wm6 but xpress was needed in wm5 for yahoo mail. I removed it due to compatibility issues. wm6 can acess my yahoo email so I see no use for xpress.
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    Download the Live Windows app here

    since they stripped it out the 750 with ATT.

    Work wonders with hotmail and way better.
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    I use the email software that came with WM6. You can set up gmail to use IMAP (set your gmail account to English US and you'll get that option) the check the set up "how to". Careful with yahoo settings. Unless you want IMAP, for some reason when I allowed my phone to auto-setup yahoo mail, it setup for IMAP...I lost all my email from my yahoo account (thankfully I don't use it much). This was strange because IMAP is not listed as available from the settings at the yahoo mail page. Not sure if this is what you were looking for, but hope it helps in some small way.

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