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    I probably won't be checking this thread, but you can post over at the PPCGeeks thread if you have questions.

    I don't know if this will work well on a 240x240 screen, but feel free to try it out.

    Here is the Asus Launcher I found from HERE and cabbed it up for you all to play around with. Not everything works on it (i.e. Profiles) and it still needs some tweaking if you want to mess with it to get your shortcuts working (see Settings below). This launcher really isn't my style, but I could see it being useful to those who want a simpler interface (i.e. PalmOS converts).

    Here are some screen shots of it

    - From the Launcher main screen Click "Menu" then "Edit AP List"

    Install Instructions
    1. Download the cab to your computer.
    2. Copy the Asus Launcher to your Phone
    3. Run the cab file from your phone.
    4. Once installed, you can run it from the shortcut in your Programs folder.

    1. When closed, the launcher stays resident in memory (about 1.5mb usage). Not sure if this is a bug or the way ASUS designed it.
    2. Doesn't always launch automatically when ran from \windows\startup (may just be my phone causing the issue)

    If you don't want it to run on bootup, delete \windows\startup\Asus Launcher.lnk.
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