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    After I installed the WM6 upgrade on my Cingular 750, I of course had to reinstall Google Maps. The version that I have now ( appears newer than the one I had before (never looked up the old version no.), and it performs differently than before. I don't know if it is entirely due to Google Maps or the WM6 platform. Maybe you guys can help.

    1. It now has some kind of autolocate feature that I assume is based on triangulation from cell towers. I hate this. It is never accurate enough ("within 1100m", gee, thanks) and it wastes time and battery juice to update my position. How do I turn this off??? If I choose "disable My Location" it also disables the use of GPS!

    2. It seems to drop the data signal much more often, which gives a message forcing you to close the app. This is VERY annoying in the middle of a complex route through NYC when I miss my turn because of having to restart the program. Anyone else experience this?

    3. The on-screen buttons (lef & right arrows, etc) that appear when on a route and which let you view subsequent waypoints are now VERY tiny. This is almost impossible to operate while driving on bumpy streets. What gives?
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    the map version is beta. the non-map version is still available I believe.
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    You can get the older version at
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    You use a GPS receiver?

    If so, go to menu-options- GPS settings-
    ...and set up your GPS port (which should be configured in start-settings- system- external GPS)

    It will then use that instead of the cell towers.


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