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    Greetings fellow Treo fans,

    After a long call with Verizon support today, the "level 2 DSC" support person said the problem with performance in the 700wx is not due to software, but due to the lack of quality control of the hardware-- some copies of the 700wx perform well, whereas others are much less stable due to a problem in the implementation of the memory (at hardware level) which causes errors.

    This sounds consistent with my reading of this board-- some people are satisfied with the 700wx yet other users seem to find it troublesome. Does anybody else have evidence this might be an issue with recent Palm hardware? As of now I'm essentially done with Palm (now have a viable 'free' upgrade path into another brand courtesy of Verizon) but wonder if this explanation should be taken as a first step towards understanding, potentially learning from, and finally moving on from my non-ideal experience with Palm (4th free replacement arrives next week).

    I have never dug into (i.e. try to read out) the hardware of the 700wx, has anybody else?

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    All I can say is whomever (a) made the 700 series and (b) who designed it are not making newer devices like the Centro.

    I *think* the hardware issues in the 700 series is a problem combo of (1)cheap hardware/memory (2) a failed attempt at shared-hardware between the "P" and "W" series.

    Just going by my experience with the Centro, I would like to think Palm's hardware issues are behind them as that device at solid BT and very fast memory--it even helped stabilize Palm OS.

    FWIW, I believe HTC is the OEM of the 700 series, but Palm diversified their OEM outsourcing now with Inventec and one other company (Chi Mei?)

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    Great, it's nice to know that usability is becoming more positive. Thx for the reply. The consensus among users (including me), say six months ago, was that Palm was headed downhill fast and as you all know Palm stock has recently hit a new multi-year low. No doubt others on this board were also able to profit from that decline (why I have no contempt towards Palm even though I suffered with a 700p, then a 700wx for a while) as I shorted Palm before that strategy began to frequent the financial news headlines. These boards are a great place to try to gauge the future of the company-- is anybody finding a good case that Palm should bottom out any time soon (I haven't started looking into this yet)?


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