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    I have a Cingular Treo 750 ver 1.13.....
    I downloaded AS 4.5 and Synced my phone.
    I went through the steps and downloaded the update.
    My Treo 750 was connected to AC power and to the USB.
    I ran the update and it erased my Treo and copied the files to my Treo.
    I got hung for over an hour, and the elapsed timer was stuck on 19 secs.
    Then the updater had (Not Responding) in the title bar.
    The updater was not showing in the Task Manager.
    The Treo was not showing up in the Active Sync as being connected.
    I went and ate some food waiting another hour and nothing.

    Can you rerun the update?

    Yes you can.
    I uplugged all the cords and removed the battery.
    When I put the battery back in, it reloaded WM5.
    And, the updateer keeps getting hung in the same spot.

    The progress bar on the updater never gets 1 bar into the Executing Update section.

    Luckily my main phone is an 4GB iPhone and the Treo was what I had before the iPhone.
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    Just for kicks, try a different USB port on your PC. Or another PC if you have one. And make sure you move the mouse every once in a while. Sounds like a USB and/or power issue with the hub. Also hard reset your phone w/Palm's DEVICE RESET app before flashing again.
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    I used the SD Updater, and so far it is working fine. I have already saw the WM6 boot screen, and it is initializing the new OS.

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