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    I've just bought a TREO 500v but I'm a bit disappointed that the top 90 pixels of the screen are taken up by two bars - one with signal strength information and one with the time and date. This reduces the screen from 240 x 320 to only 150 x 320.

    Does anyone know how to remove one or both of them?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    I've spent a few hours fiddling with it, and I've discovered that I can edit the home screen themes from my PC. They are in XML and can be changed with relative ease and a bit of experimentation. It is not looking much better!
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    Can you post a screen shot?
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    The top bar is part of the OS. Whether you go with Standard or Pro edition of Windows Mobile, that's how it is. Editing the home screen only affects the home screen.

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