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    ATT just told me I need a brand new phone because of a problem (my Treo 750 is only 14 days old!)

    I spent lots of time getting things "just so" including exchange server syncing, photos, today screen customized the way I like it, speed dials, etc...

    I want to use Sprite Backup to make a backup of my phone the way it is, then when I get my new phone (same phone, same WM5 OS), get it easily, exactly like my old phone was (minus the problem, of course!)

    Are my expectations realistic? Anything I need to know? I'm pretty much a newbie.

    BTW, the problem was that my keypad wasn't working during voicemail (pressing 7 or 9, etc...) and also wasn't working to navigate thru the prompts even when calling support 611. The problem is intermittent, and I'm worried because saw someone else reported the same problem and getting a replacement phone didn't help. Any comments on that? Here's the report on ATT forum about the other guy's problem:

    Thanks for your help!

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    I use Sprite, and it is pretty good. However, never assume that it will backup *everthing* you want backed up. You should actually carefully check its backup settings to verify that it is backing up the folders you really want backed up. You can also do a test backup, then use Sprite explorer to see what actually got put into the backup file.

    For example, I use AI Roboform (internet form filler) on my laptop, and I have the mobile version also. Apparently the mobile version is not yet wm6 compatible, and it hosed up my laptop passwords files during a sync. (yes the two are supposed to sync) I thought that I could recover them from the Sprite backup of prior to the wm6 install, but I discovered that Sprite was never set to backup my passwords on my mobile device. ugghhh!

    The point is to carefully check your backup settings and don't assume Sprite will backup everything you want backed up. Program specific data like I mention above is a good case in point.

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    I got my new Treo 750 and successfully restored from backup with minimal fuss! There was a bit of anxiety when I plugged the new guy into my USB cable and I got the "hardware may not be functioning properly" warning from Windows (I had gotten this on my old 700w and NEVER got USB connectivity working properly, so was understandably worried).

    But when I launched Sprite, it automatically downloaded Sprite software onto the Treo, so activesync must have recognized the new device without a need to set it up again (which surprised me). I then restored the file I'd saved from the old Treo.

    <10 minutes start to finish, my new Treo had all my contacts, calendar, etc... from Exchange, and the Today screen and speed dials were exactly like I wanted. It asked me for Exchange password, but otherwise retained all settings. Lovely.

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    Good to hear everything went well. :-)


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