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    I'm wondering if anybody knows how to shut off the synching of mail at random times with my corporate exchange server without having to turn the radio completely off.

    I am a consultant and when I am at my client site there is terrible cellular coverage within the building. I find that often times my phone will try to continually synch email without being able to connect to the point where it will run the battery to nothing. It would be great during these times to shut the synching of email completely off but still be able to use the phone as normal.

    I have seen within Activesync >> Menu >> Schedule that you can set a Sync schedule including variations for customized Peak and non-Peak times, but that seems to only affect the synching of my other Outlook modules (calendar and tasks). When I set both Peak and non-Peak to a Manual Only sync my email still updates quite frequently.

    Any ideas??
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    Goto Activesync>Menu>Schedule. In The drop down menus that are under the heading "Sync during" does it say as items arrive? If it does use the drop down menu and put it to manually.
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    No, it currently says every 30 minutes, but I've noticed that doesn't seem to control the syncing of email, either. Like I said above, I've had that set to 'Manual' and I still get automatic email synching.
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    You could goto activesync>menu>options and uncheck email under the exchange server settings until you leave that building to shut off the syncing of the email. Then when you leave you would have to recheck email. It may be a pain but unfortunately that may be the only way.

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