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    One of our staff members bought a Treo 700w(Verizon). I installed Toffa's Syncwise7Pro/Activesync 4.2, and find that not all appointments are syncing.
    Contacts sync fine, but email doesn't sync at all. At the end of the sync process, a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error appears:

    X Runtime error!
    Program: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Active Synce3\WCESmgr.exe
    The program has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the applications support team....

    Details show it is having an issue with MSVCR80.dll.

    Has anyone had similar problems? Better yet, does anyone have recommendations for what conduit to use between a Treo700 and GroupWise? The user wants a 2-way Calendar and Addressbook sync.
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    First I'd check into that. Secondly, I'd update to Activesync 4.5 if you don't go with the mobile solution.

    Also from what I know Toffa's was designed for PalmOS not Windows Mobile so there could be an issue there.

    And last but not least.......

    Microsoft: Outlook -

    Brandon Barry: After reading the your articles about syncronising GroupWise with PDA's using various products, I am amazed that people still use them. As most manufacturers will syncronise with Outlook and you can use Outlook to access a GroupWise message store, the PDA should be able to syncronise "out of the box", if Outlook is installed.

    We use many different types of PDA's, including Palm Pilots, Windows CE devices, and I (among others) use a Nokia 9110.

    We have only a very few users that use Outlook as their default mail client (2-3 in 1500 users), but find that it is fine for syncronising with a PDA.

    Quentin Walker: A lot of the 3rd party programs say they'll work with GroupWise - but then you find out they only work with 5.5 or higher. Since we run 5.2, this solution doesn't work for us. What I have done on my system is use the Microsoft Outlook client (even Express), and configure it to connect to GroupWise as the default database. It updates GroupWise through Outlook! Unfortunately, it's a sort of "hit or miss" type of solution. I've gotten it to work on a couple of systems, but not on others.

    Lt. Jerry Williams, SWDC: While assigned to the Moreno Valley P.D. (for Riverside County Sheriff), we purchased several Compaq iPAC's and tried to link them to GroupWise 5.5. It didn't work. We purchased additional software from Riverrun and Pumatech. Some items worked, but the calendar and e-mail were the primary items we needed and just couldn't seem to get them both to work.

    Eventually, we gave the PDA's to the fire department (they're using Microsoft Outlook) and went back to the reliable Palm products.

    Lennart Grahn: Use GroupWise 6 to sync your PDA. I have only tested this with Windows CE / Pocket PC based PDA but all PDA that can synchronize with MS Outlook should work.

    Install GroupWise 6 client.

    Install MS Outlook, it will automatically use GroupWise.

    Install MS Active sync (enclosed with PDA)

    Active sync will automatically connect and sync; email, calendar, tasks and contacts. You don't have to start the outlook client, the sync will work directly when Outlook is installed and you can remove the Outlook icon from the desktop.
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    Dear Bored -
    Thanks!! Not only helpful, but most educational! Sure appreciate your time and assistance.
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    For a while my company was using Intellisync and it worked fine but it was $20 or more a pop and just wasn't financially feasable. However GW7 comes with a sync program in the win32 folder called pdaconnect.exe it works with activesync and works very well for free we have been using it for some time with no syncing issues.

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