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    I'm a little confused by this, what is the advantage of having the "Force AT&T Proxy" checked/enabled? I have seen comments by users saying they are getting faster HSDPA speeds with it unchecked. I connected to my slingbox with it enabled and disabled and when it's disabled the streaming seems smoother. Just curious as of to what circumstances you would want to check/enable the "Force AT&T Proxy"? I'm guessing that they put it there for a reason but I'm wondering what that reason is?
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    It screws up some sites like this one in terms of cookies and remembering your login for one. If it's enabled you can't stay logged in to TC probably because of proxy caching that takes place. With it disabled, no problems.

    Some of the AT&T specific sites they provide links to in PIE won't work without it, but most are relatively useless anyway
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