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    Birdsoft, a company known for making some popular software, especially for WM smarphones, has released its latest creation: **Extreme Text ($14.95)**.

    Extreme Text achieves the Holy Grail in SMS management by giving uses that ever so popular “threaded” or “chat style” view of conversation with your contacts. Birdsoft is not the first to release a 3rd party solution, in addition to the popular ripped Palm version from the Treo 750. However, they are the first to accomplish a few things which make Extreme Text a stand out:

    - No .NET CF 2 (hooray for WM5 devices!)
    - Relatively low price point: $14.95
    - Low Memory requirement: ~240kb = fast loading

    Read on for the full review!

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    I use the smartphone version of the software and recommend this 100%. The developer is top notch and the program comes very close to the treo's sms app.
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    Must have app for all users without threaded sms!!!
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    I discovered a very reliable threaded SMS client for Pocket PC Phone. It handles both square and rectangular displays. It has some good configuration options for the display and has an excellent popup notification functionality too.

    Downsides are that it only runs on WM 5.0 or better and the license needs to be activated.

    Otherwise, a nice simple application which is not so hot on graphics and presentation but has good functionality/setup opions.

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