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    Okay, this is NOT official in any way, but I found this over at xda developers:

    Apparently AT&T decided at the last minute to rip the Windows Live Mobile program out of the final ROM! This means that Treo 750 users running the official WM6 CANNOT, I REPEAT CANNOT use Outlook Mobile to check their hotmail or access Windows Live Messenger without going through Internet Explorer. Bleh. ... Unless they have this installed, that is.

    This allows you to have Windows Live Mobile on your Treo just like everybody else that has WM6, NOT thanks to AT&T and their neverending stupidity regarding usability and customer preference.

    Enjoy guys!
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    Not sure if I understand that site's instructions. Why can't we simply just download the Windows Live from the windows site and install to our WM6 750s?

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    Try downloading Windows Live from MS's site then. It ain't there. It's either pre-installed or not. In any case the version in the link is newer than the one on the 750v ROM and solves a lot of bugs. So get it FTW.
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    Yeah, it's not available from MS; it's supposed to be provided directly by the OEMs (Palm).

    All you have to do is download the file (you have to create an account with XDA to download it) and then install it on your Treo. It's just a regular old CAB file.

    And yes, it fixes a lot of bugs!

    Cheers and enjoy!

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