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    All SMS backup tools seemingly are not working. I made another post here as well explaining that, but fact is I cant find a tool that would backup all my messages in that I see in messaging app and call history. I dont want to pay for one time Sprite Migration. Is there any other way to successfully do that. If you did, please share.
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    I don't know about call history, but for Text messages.

    There is a filed called PalmMSG001 or something like that in the Windows directory on the Treo 750. Try using the file explorer and copying and pasting that file onto either an SD Card or computer and then replacing it once upgraded to WM6.

    That's similar tohow I saved mine but I did a file restore using SPBBackup to do that.
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    I searched for weeks prior to this upgrade trying to save text messages. I elected to purchase Sprite Migration and it was well worth the $10. All my text messages, call logs, speed dials and theme re-installed perfectly. Although I had to reassign my ringtones and sounds after the upgrade. I hope you find something - I was just tired of looking.

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