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    Hi, I've noticed that when I try to access Pandora on my Treo (WM6 official/3G connection) it tells me that my device currently is not supported, please visit When I check that out, I see that it works on RAZRs and regular phones, but not on the Treo! WTF! Does anyone know how to get around this? A Treo can beat a RAZR like a rag doll!

    Doesn't Pandora just use flash? If I've got flash on my Treo then why can't I use Pandora?
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    any luck? email me thanks i cant figure it our!!
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    I've been trying it on Skyfire and I can at least get the Pandora player up... it just won't play... says something about local storage. I've contacted Skyfire and am waiting for a response.
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    Using Flash and a custom html page to load the latest Pandora Tuner ( I think), my Treo 750 just runs out of memory. A quick check on Linux with Firefox shows that the application wants at least 255M just launch.
    Why hasn't Pandora released a version for the Treo? My guess is that, because its running either WM or PALM, the application could easily be installed on non AT&T/Sprint phones. Since it appears Pandora (or MSN now) has some sort of agreement with the phone companies, they won't release it for a phone that works on another carrier :/
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    It's not Pandora, but DOES have a WM app that streams your station:

    It works great, although for my 800w the one dialog is too big for the screen - seems like it's formatted for a more of a 750 screen dimension, so since area is about the 750, it should be perfect for you guys.
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    Hey guys, I know I've been absent for a while, but I found this and figured it NEEDED to be shared.

    Install cab for PANDORA internet radio - works flawlessly on my 750.

    Artificial Ignorance - the Anand Iyer chronicles : Pandora on Windows Mobile

    Just click the download link in the article for the cab. It will actually give you a file with a .tgz extension, but all you have to do is rename the extension to .cab and it runs great.

    Yay Pandora mobile!
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    I went to the URL from fastlerner, using my 750. The page says "cab download" but you are right when you actually see the file extension (which I could only see on my computer not my phone) the file has the .tgz extension. So on my phone I saved the file with the name (I just added a .cab and the end of the file name), I left folder to download to as none, the file type said "cab" but was grayed out and I couldn't do anything with it. For the location I left the default on "Main memory," and then hit save a minute later the phone said "Installation of was unsuccessful." Did I miss something?
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    I see you are using moble 6 I have mobile 5 this might be the problem?
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    Probably. WM5 and WM6 are different beasts.
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    hmm, that link seems to be getting messed up, if that doest work, try this, same destination:

    The version in that post worked great on my Treo 750, WM6.

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