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    I just installed the WM6 update from AT&T on my Treo 750 (finally, after 8 months!) and Windows Live isn't on the darn ROM! It want's me to access my hotmail account with IE mobile instead of through Outlook mobile >

    Also, the Live messenger, etc. aren't on the device. Does anyone know what the heck is going on? I thought that was supposed to come with WM6!

    Please let me know! Thanks!

    P.S.: I also noticed there was still a thing on the today screen for expressmail... I thought they got rid of expressmail...
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    Try adding a new mail account. If you add hotmail it should fire up all the Live stuff from that.
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    I tried to add my MSN email account, but since it is HTTP, not IMAP or POP3, it does not work, I miss my email coming automatically, I do not like having to go throught the web site. I tried to automatically detect, but kept getting a connection lost error. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

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