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    Is anyone else noticing that the HSDPA patch for WM5 seems to be faster the the naitive HSDPA in WM6. I was getting >800k with the patch, but since I have upgraded to WM6 I average around 300k.

    Is there a setting that I am missing?
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    Did you try using the proxy tool and disabling the proxy?
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    I did, and for me that was actually worse.
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    Try it again at different times, in different locations. I just got 650K with the proxy turned off, and was getting 300K with it on. I will try it later, and see if it goes higher.

    It is going to vary with your location, peers (fellow AT&T users), building, lots of things.
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    With Proxy turned on you are getting a false reading. Although it might be faster in practice you can not rely on the speed reading because the proxy interferes.
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    With Proxy turned ON or OFF and using the 'leaked' ATT XDA ROM I get around 950-1050 Kbps...

    I did NOT apply the patch...
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    I have no difference in speed, and I have the official AT&T ROM installed. Got 800+ kb/sec last night
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    Maybe it's just the South Florida area then...... Ok, at least it is not an issue with the WM6 upgrade.

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