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    I have had this strange problem abt SMSs ever since I own T750. I have SBSH PocketBreeze and on its messaging tab under SMS, I never used to see any SMS's even though I receive many new SMS's everyday. Whenever I used any SMS backup tool, it also never backed up any SMS even though I have plenty of them stored on my phone. Pretty weird stuff.
    Then day before yesterday, I installed Ineary Virtual caller on my phone and had it send me dummy SMSs whenever I needed to get out of any situation. Weird stuff is, these SMS's show up on PocketBreeze messaging tab under SMS, but not in regular SMS messaging application. I wonder where these SMS's are stored. I ran a search in T750's search utility with content of the SMS, and it found the SMSs under Inbox and Outlook Mobile search type. But I can't open it or find where it is stored. I dont know where in Outlook Mobile would these exist. I opened my inbox, but I dont see these there. I ran Resco Explorer find utility, but cant find it thru that. These SMS can be backed up too.

    I am just so puzzled up abt these two different kind of SMS's. My main concern is how to backup SMSs to safely transport them to WM6 after upgrade. Did anyone have such experience or tell me how did you take your SMS's with you to WM6. thanks for help!!
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