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    I just did a soft reset and after the phone was back up and running the LED near the ear piece is blinking repeatedly like my old Treo 650 did. I changed no settings or installed anything new whatsoever.

    Anyone got any ideas?
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    Mine does that too sometimes. I noticed that it started doing it when I installed software that allows me to reset my phone without using the button behind the battery cover.
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    I've noticed it a couple times on mine too. Usually another soft reset will fix it.

    I have Wisbar Lite on mine, which allows me to soft reset with using the button (like LbSigMan).

    EDIT: I also have the msgled.exe installed in my startup folder...not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.
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    I've got msgled.exe installed as well and thought that maybe the culprit. The 4th soft reset did the trick. It's no longer blinking. That is whack!

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