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    Way back in march 2007 when WM6 rumors started coming out, they were saying Palm is gonna upgrade Treo 750 hardware as well and put 320x320 screen instead of 240x240 when WM6 becomes available. I heard Palm is selling treo's with WM6 preinstalled on them. Do they have newer higher resolution screen or same old resolution screen we all have got?
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    No, the WM6 T750 has the exact same hardware. The screen resolution is 240x240 still. If you want a WM6 320x320 Treo, you'll likely have to wait for the rumored Treo 800w. The Treo 750 will probably never get a new screen.
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    Too bad Treo 800w is rumored to be CDMA phone.... I just wish they would release it on GSM as well..

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