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    I sync with a laptop (XP) at home and a desktop (2000) at work. I use Outlook in both places. I have a new Treo700w. Each time I sync, some of the contacts are duplicating. I did not have this problem with a Dell Axim or even with a Tungsten or a Handera (in the distant past). When I try to delete contacts on one computer, sync and fix the treo, the second computer overwrites the treo (I have the Treo set to keep the item on my device, but of course that doesn't override what's on the other computer).
    Generally the calendar appointments do not replicate, although sometimes they do.

    How can I eliminate this problem? Is there a reliable, reasonably priced software program? Or should I delete and sync in a particular order?

    Thank you in advance for your help..............
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    Its late, but I am having the same issue and trying to come up with a solution...
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    ActiveSync SUCKS! Palm is way ahead of this one and the MissingSync for the MAC works fine. I just want to manage my contacts on the DEVICE and have the device overwrite the PC. Is this too much to ask. I have quadruplicates in my contacts now because of syncing with two PCs and using ActiveSync. (Some of this problem might have stemmed from moving from Palm to WinMo). Why can't there be a simple solution to allowing you to manage your contacts (or anything else) on your handheld device??? Sorry for the rant :O(
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    uuuuugh i was just complaining about this issue!! i have quadruple and more of some contacts ... i spent HOURS one day fixing it and then stopped syncing my contacts but that sucks too ... one day i forgot to not sync and now i am back to the old mess in my phone ... grrrrrrrrr
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    do a search for anti-dupe. its freeware and runs on the pc to remove duplicate entries in outlook. Then have it override the phone.

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