What the heck, never gave me a problem before. It syncs with my exchange server just fine. I dont usually use my PC link and until tonight the only thing synced with my PC was files, so I wanted to backup all my contacts, etc. for the WM6 upgrade. I have ActiveSync 4.5 running and whenever I connect my device via USB or BT for that matter it sees the device as a new device, sometimes as the deviceID under the System>About screen (called "Treo750") or sometimes as something like WM_(my windows username)1 and so i setup a new connection to it and say I want contacts, notes, files, and media. Well it doesn't sync, no attempt, no progress I deleted all of my other partnerships because I thought I was going to do this tonight, but I guess im not. What the heck, i knew it was coming and when I get home my PC just "feels" like not recognizing my device. What can I do to get this to work?

Is there any other/better way to sync information to save it before I wipe the device?