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    What are people using as a replacement for the venerable Memo + Global Find on Palm OS ?

    I think the Notes app on WM is a lousy substitute for even the 10-year-old Palm OS Memo app and the WM Search function is a pale shadow of the Palm Global Find. What is the best replacement for Memo+Global Find that provides:

    1) FAST creation of simple text memos
    2) FAST searching through *all* memos (and preferable all other documents on the WM PDA), yielding an easy to navigate list of search hits (matches)
    3) using the list of hits, selecting a hit/match pops you into the Memo (or other app) with the right document exactly at the position of the hit.

    Using WM Search on a few dozen Notes is very, very slow and when you select a search hit, it just opens that note, it doesn't place you in the exact position of the hit, and worse, there is no Find option within Notes.

    3rd party options I've looked at, like PhatNotes don't seem to do this as well.

    What do 700w/wx users use to replace ol' Palm Memo ?
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    Wow... can't believe that *nobody* in 700w-land has found anything to replace Palm Memo...

    The closest thing I've found so far is an app called Tombo, which does do text memos, hierarchically arranged, and does have a fast internal search function. The main thing it doesn't do right now is a full search across all memos all at once (it displays one hit at a time). But it will plop you into the particular memo with the next hit. And of course it is not a global search (doesn't handle any other file types).

    There is also a pair of apps for the Smartphone that sound very close, from, SmartphoneNotes/SmartphoneFind. I'll have to see if they can be made to work on a PPC machine.

    References to OneNote keep popping up, but I don't thing that the WM component has any search function...

    Love to hear of better options... I could probably live with the builtin Notes app if someone provided a better WM Search function.
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    pocket informant searches through notes very quickly.

    among the dozen or so shortcuts that they provide, one is to create a new note and another if for their search function, so you can go straight to these two things very quickly.
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