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    just got a text message from Att, saying my treo 750 would be updated to WM6 at 3PM PST? Does this mean it is finally here?

    smaelR: To ejsmall
    Welcome to the New AT&T Data Support Live Chat! I will gladly answer your question regarding the windowsmobile update.

    I will gladly await an answer

    IsmaelR: To ejsmall
    It will be available after 6:00pm EST. There is a link on our web now, but it still does not work. Is there anything else that I may assist you with?

    so we are assured it will be here TODAY?

    IsmaelR: To ejsmall
    According to infromation received, that would be correct!
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    Just got through updating mine! Now, I have the tedious task of re-installing everything!
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