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    OK people, I'm not all that well versed in the world of registry editing, but I can probably figure this out if someone can get me pointed in the right direction.

    I need to edit my Registry settings for Messaging, and here's why:

    A while back I installed a trial version of a 3rd party threaded SMS app (the app was ExtremeText). I ended up deleting it, but that company’s registry setting has hijacked my Messaging app in the Start Menu. (I was able to do something similar to this a while back with some file associations that had taken over my WMA file types). Now when I select Messaging in the Start Menu, I get the thing like ‘the file XXYYZZ cannot be found – please reinstall blah blah’ or whatever.

    I can use Pocket Controller to cruise the registry; I just want to make sure I know what I’m looking for, and I also want to make sure I don’t kill the device….

    Any suggestions on where to look - would it the Root, or Local User, or Local Machine? I cruised around the entire registry, and nothing is obvious to me. Thanks for any advance clues....
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    I would look in the local user directory, I think, as it was something you installed yourself, although I could be wrong. It may have written keys to the other areas, like local machine.

    Then again, I'm no reg ninja either.

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