Hey all,

I've been a lurker for some time on these Treo forums, and after a lot of Googling and forum searching, I need your help. I need 2 pieces of software to make my Treo (running WM5) complete.

1. A good e-mail program for my IMAP GMail that supports push/IDLE e-mail. I tried the trial of FlexMail 2007, and it seemed to push e-mails over really well, but it froze a couple times when I tried to send e-mails out. I use Pocket Outlook right now, but e-mails don't truly push over. It seems every now and then, I'll get a notification of 5+ e-mails. (It's not set on "send/receive every x minutes"). Also, its failure to read certain HTML messages is inconvenient.

2. A good profile program. I'd like to turn off e-mail notification at night when I'm sleeping, but keep the ringer on. I tried trial from WinMobileApps, and that one worked out pretty good, but if I'm going to pay for a profile software (free is okay too!), I'd like it to be the best for my $.

Can you all help me out? Especially with the e-mail issue...I've tried to understand the whole process of PUSH and I believe I have it down, but am I looking for the right thing? I know GMail IMAP supports PUSH/IDLE...do I just need a client to support it too? Does Pocket Outlook not support it?

Thanks guys!