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    Quote Originally Posted by coppertop View Post
    Flight not necessary when I'm only two hours from home (in Auburn by the way).

    Just looked in my briefcase and left my sync cord and mini-sd card reader at home as well.... figures. I may have to find the local computer store and by another mini-sd card.
    Sounds great, my fiance's family is from Alabama, and huge Auburn fans, I've let the football war eagle rub off on me, but am still tried and true to Ole' IU basketball, and still a closet IU football fan...
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    3 hrs and counting....
    In Geological time Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Soon does mean 6months to 2 years.
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    updated the story - thanks for the sleuthing everybody!
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    How did you downgrade? I think I want to try the official ROM. Is it as easy as upgrading?
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    Running the leaked ROM. Now I have to wait for the gurus to install the official ROM, determine if it fixes/hoses anything, and post their findings before I will go to the trouble of updating mine. Still not sure I want all the ATT bloatware though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tempo68 View Post
    How did you downgrade? I think I want to try the official ROM. Is it as easy as upgrading?
    Yes, just as easy.
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    Try making it /750updateatt instead of /750updateATT. You get: Error 404: SRVE0190E: File not found: /
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    Oh man... I tinkered with the ROW DL URLs...
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    I work for AT&T and can confirm the release will be up after 3P PST today. I have known it was coming today for a few weeks but didn't want to leak internal information since it's unethical and dates can change at the 11th hour. That said, t is locked and loaded for this afternoon
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    Too bad its already up. :P Updating my 750 with it right now.
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    where is it already up?
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    bebrewer, really?
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    eddiejames, see the link I posted.
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    that isn't official
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    It is. I arrived at that URL by taking the *actual* download link for the ROW update, changing ROW to ATT, and incrementing the version number until it worked. Its 2.25, unlike the ROW update's 2.23.
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    Heck, even this link works: If that isn't official, I don't know what is.
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    what url where you using?
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    Take the one I gave you, replace 25 with 23, and ATT with ROW. That's the link the ROW download page gives you when you download.
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    user Beth_Christian has entered room

    Beth_Christian(Tue Dec 4 14:11:17 CST 2007)>Am I getting my update at 6pm EST, as I have been hearing?

    analyst Sid has entered room

    Sid(Tue Dec 4 14:11:22 CST 2007)>Hello Beth_Christian, Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. My name is Sid. How may I help you?

    Sid(Tue Dec 4 14:11:32 CST 2007)>.Hello.

    Beth_Christian(Tue Dec 4 17:12:04 CST 2007)>Am I getting my update at 6pm EST, as I have been hearing?

    Sid(Tue Dec 4 14:12:05 CST 2007)>Yes you got the update.

    Beth_Christian(Tue Dec 4 17:12:56 CST 2007)>the update is already available?

    Sid(Tue Dec 4 14:12:42 CST 2007)>Yes, they are uploading now.

    Beth_Christian(Tue Dec 4 17:13:24 CST 2007)>where can I recieve it?

    Sid(Tue Dec 4 14:13:46 CST 2007)>You will receive it very shortly. keep checking.

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    ummm...not that i don't believe you, but i'm not going to download something from you when, palm says there uploading it now and will be available in 2 minutes...
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