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    I have been using Spb Diary for tasks for years. But all I do with the plugin is tasks under each day of the calendar tab - no appts, no contacts, no messaging, nothing. So I feel like it's a bunch of space on my device I could free up, but I need some things.

    Short of naming all my tasks starting with the date so they line up when I sort them, does anyone know of a lightweight tasks replacement program that does not require a today plugin and groups nicely by days of the month? Or is there a way/plugin to view tasks within the default poutlook calendar? I just need to easily see what date certain things are due, and sorting them by date within tasks doesn't do that for me. Yes, it orders them, but I still can't see at a glance what I have to do TODAY, and what I can push off until tomorrow.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to slim down my today screen plugins...

    And I know I can show start dates/dues dates, but I was looking for more of a "grouping" possibility, as I might find under each calendar day...
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    I'm pretty sure Pocket Informant will do that.
    You can use or not use their plugin and choose if you want their plugin to display tasks. Also the agenda and calendars can also show tasks on the bottom.

    ...not a lightweight solution though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by littlewaywelt View Post

    ...not a lightweight solution though.
    No, it definitely isn't, is it?

    I've actually tried PI, never liked the way it displayed on my Treo's tiny little screen. But thanks...
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    have you tried searching the ppc freeware sites? I recall seeing several task managers available.
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    I've poked around, and I always spend time on there, but I haven't seen anything that would specifically meet those very small needs. Eh, it's not a huge deal, I'll get by. I already uninstalled Diary and I'm just using tasks with dates shown. If I can find a cool subsitute that doesn't totally weigh my system down, I'll throw it on. Thanks for the feedback, though - maybe I'll look again and focus my search.

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