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    Why can't we CDMA users get the Q9C we have but with the GSM Q9 specs and wifi? More interesting is the fact that is it coming with WM 6.1 standard which is suppose to have cut and past, and get this threaded SMS.
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    As was foretold at this site in October, so it has come to pass. The surprise Motorola Q9 with WiFi that the Boy Genius recently got his hands on has turned out to be more surprising than anybody expected: it's loaded with Windows Mobile 6.1.

    BGR is down for the count at the moment, but when they return this page should give you a 100 picture gallery of WM6.1. Engadget managed to snag the above screenshot before the traffic laid waste to everybody's favorite spoiler. BGR's RSS feed provides some additional info:

    Copy / Paste (finally!)
    Domain Enroll in Settings (Enrolling in a domain will connect your device with company resources.)
    New home screen (pan left and right to check out missed calls, notifications like email, sms, etc.)
    Change Master Security Code
    Added text input settings
    Recent Programs when pressing Start menu
    Threaded SMS!
    When you compose an email, or SMS, and start typing the name of the contact in the “To:” field, the contact names finally pop up like Windows Mobile Professional!

    via Engadget

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    Looks awesome.

    As far as the WIFI, it is never connected to a network (from what I saw), so this may have just been a generic BETA of the OS which had wifi enabled. Just a guess, but if BGR says the phone has wifi I'm sure it does.
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    Didn't look beta to me? Only downside I thought was he never showed much of the threaded SMS pics.
  7. #7 said BETA in big letters on the call log screen.

    But I agree, only one or two pics of the threaded sms was a poor choice!
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    rumor has it that 6.1 will be available for q9m users as well!!

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