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    This is probably a stupid question but one that hasn't been discussed. When, if ever, the 750 update is released where will you find it?

    ATT/Cingular's website or Palm's? I'm sure when it's released fireworks will be launch, spotlights used and mass emails made announcing where to do but I was just curious.
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    Previous updates have been posted to the Palm site - probably linked from here.

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    okay, maybe my last post wasn't my "last".

    After a much nicer conversation with palm about 5 minutes ago, they explained that the UPDATE IS READY, AND WILL BE RELEASED IMMEDIATELY.


    (well lets wait and see)
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    Immediately can be a very vague statement... immediately after the first of the year? Immediately today? Immediately after the weather starts to warm up? Immediately after Tom in IT (who makes the upload available) gets back from a 6 month sabatical in Europe?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that immediately is referred to as well all hope its should be referred to..... immediately as in yesterday.
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    Yea, immediately.

    Here is what I just got from the support chat

    Michael(Mon Dec 3 15:57:24 MST 2007)>I understand that you wish to know about the windows mobile 6.

    Michael(Mon Dec 3 15:57:36 MST 2007)>I am glad to provide you the information.

    Michael(Mon Dec 3 15:58:05 MST 2007)>As of now we do not have the exact date but it will be released by the end of this week.

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