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    After upgrading to WM6 Iíve had quite a number of connection issues. For example, if I go to an area where thereís no reception (subway) and go back to an area with reception, in order to connect again I either have to shut off and turn on the device or reset the device.

    Has anyone else had this issue? Could it be the phone itself?
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    Can you manually connect without haveing to reset? for example, click internet and force it to "activate" and search for signals?

    If you can, then I have a fix for this= but if you can't connect again after opening the IE- then I don't know what is wrong.
    (hasn't happened to me yet)

    If you can connect to the Server (tmobile for me) after a period of no activity but want to STAY connected for a long time. (i.e. flexmail will not connect when the treo is not active for a while, so I have to manually say "connect and check email) you want to change your registry from "always connected=0 to "always connected=1"- this has helped some in flexmail.
    But if you are not able to connect then I dont know what is up.

    If you want to know more about this (connected=1), search "Registry" AND CHOOSE aslmentor as the author and read up on it.
    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the response.
    Unfortunately nothing helped as it wouldn't connect.
    I just performed a hard reset on the device in hopes that could resolve the issue.
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    I was using the "leaked" ATT rom for WM6 and noticed the same issues. Often when I got off the elevator, it would show no signal even after I went outside. It's like it stopped looking. I'd have to power the phone off and on to get it to grab the signal.

    I will say though, that since I updated to the "official" WM6 rom for unbranded Treos, I haven't noticed the issue.

    Got the unbranded ROM to load on my ATT treo thanks to the modified install wizard I found over at

    Good luck!
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    I went back to WM5 today and had the same issue.
    The phone is being replaced in hopes that fixes it!

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