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    Birdsoft is pleased to announce the release of the Windows Mobile Pro version of the popular Extreme Text Threaded SMS application. Due to popular demand we were able to Optimize Extreme Text for Touch Screen Phone devices. We even added a few cool features such as Finger Scrolling to the very popular Threaded Text program. Turn your SMSs into a conversation. Emoticon, User Text, and Photo Contact Support are all included.

    Try it out and take your Texting to the Extreme. Free Trial Available.

    Note: And watch for the Popular Windows Mobile Organizer Extreme Agenda coming soon to your Windows Mobile Pro Device.

    With the release of Extreme Agenda for Windows Mobile Pro be prepared to forget how you've used your Personal Information Manager. Its all going to get powerfully and effectively simple. A Windows Mobile Revolution is coming.

    Happy Holidays!
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    Just wanted to say I use it the standard version on my q9m and love it.
    Excellent app.

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