I've been on T-Mobile for quite sometime now, but I'm considering switching to At&T. My reason for possibly switching is the speed of T-MO's data connection and the impact on ActiveSync. I notice that my exchange server/activesync connection is always slower than my colleagues on AT&T. Also, as I live in NYC, I notice that when I come out of the subway (which is underground), it often takes awhile for T-Mo to regain a connection and for ActiveSync to connect. It also seems as ActiveSync is often reliable. My colleagues who are using the Treo 750 on AT&T do not seem to have nearly as many problems and they are notifiec of mail quicker than I am. The connection for T-Mo in NY is pretty good with almost always 4 bars.

Now, I will say that my inbox is probably bigger than most of my colleagues. With a 2 week sync, I have about 730 "incoming emails alone...meaning, not including the syncing of the sent box. I'm not sure if the large size of the inbox is slowing it down relative to everyone else's. Also, I've noticed this issue on every device I've had even those that are T-mo branded WM devices.

I believe that AT&T, even on its Edge connection, is a better connection, but I'm not sure and I don't want to leave T-Mo unless I have to as it has been good with customer service.