I have just taken delivery of the new updated 750v with WM6 and pre activated hsdpa. WM6 takes a bit of getting used to, so of my old apps are not doing what they should (vjtoggle is acting up and hidelogocab just ain't workin) but any way on to more important things. I have connected (finally) to the internet on my macbook via my 750v and got incoming and outgoing email and browsed the net. with email outgoing especially with large (500/700kb) attachments sending bounces from 9kbs to 28kbs then 30ish back down to 18 and so on, if my phone suddenly says G instead of 3G the email status drops to 0 and when the 3G signal returns it picks up speed again. my old 750v (WM5) would switch to GPRS and keep sending all be it a bit slower. Am i missing some settings that need changing? also with HSDPA should i see a much improved upload speed.
any advice is most appreciated.