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    Hey folks! PPCGeeks posted a cab file to install the HTC home screen. It does most of the registry changes you need to do plus installs the thing.

    Here is how my 700WX today screen looks:

    Here is the link to where you can find the Cab File:

    PPC Geeks Board

    However you need to make a few little changes in SKTools to make it work the right way on your device. You need to make sure to order "Dial Lookup" as number 1 and "Active Call" to number 2. Also make sure they are both PINNED.

    You also need to make sure that "HTC HOME" is UNPINNED.

    If you don't follow those instructions everything is all screwy, for lack of better terms

    Now, the default installation has all 6 tabs. You can choose to change their order by the following registry tweak. Now this represents the default way:


    Here is how mine looks:


    You can re order them and remove them any way you wish. I didn't want the music one nor did I want the profiles so I just went with those 4.

    The weather cities are already installed as you can see:

    Make sure you do a backup before you try any of this. Im not responsible! To be honest the fact that I got this working on my own is quite a shock to myself. Thanks to TC and PPCG for all of the help over the years.

    Oh yes! I use the free Calendar+ plugin at the bottom to make it tiny like that.
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    Do you have a link to that calendar+ app? I searched and didn't see one. Might just be retarded though. Thanks!
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    never mind, just found it (plus vs +) did it for me. Thanks!

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