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    Dude, do you want the update or not?
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    Quote Originally Posted by trueluck3 View Post
    Dude, do you want the update or not?
    If you've now paid proper attention to each of those who willingly posted their email addresses, at your request, I thank you. There is nothing else you offer which I do not already have, but thanks for asking.
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    Kewl, which SW and FW version are you using anyway?
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    Aussie3 1.52.30 which I'll likely stick with until (that is 'if') a new AKU is released. Best cell radio version, low maintenance, no bloatware.
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    for those that have access, and or created an account to get in the wm6 thread at the cingular forums..

    Not that it's worth much, but here is a converstaion with a palm rep a few minutes ago:
    Sparky(Mon Dec 3 08:26:46 EST 2007)>Hello mike, Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. My name is Sparky. How may I help you?
    Sparky(Mon Dec 3 08:26:49 EST 2007)>Hello.
    mike(Mon Dec 3 11:26:49 EST 2007)>hello
    mike(Mon Dec 3 11:27:35 EST 2007)>Is there any NEW information about WM6 for the 750, or is the word still "it's coming"
    Sparky(Mon Dec 3 08:28:41 EST 2007)>As per the latest information it will be releasing within few days.
    mike(Mon Dec 3 11:31:23 EST 2007)>so does that mean possibly this week?
    Sparky(Mon Dec 3 08:31:40 EST 2007)>Yes, it may be in a weeks time
    Sparky(Mon Dec 3 08:31:58 EST 2007)>As per the latest information it will be releasing soon.
    mike(Mon Dec 3 11:32:00 EST 2007)>ok thank you for this information
    mike(Mon Dec 3 11:32:07 EST 2007)>have a good day
    Sparky(Mon Dec 3 08:32:14 EST 2007)>You are welocme.
    In Geological time Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Soon does mean 6months to 2 years.
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    my conversation with a palm rep today said the update is ready, and will be released immediately, pretty much the same as sparky, but more in depth.

    hope this helps...
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    Maybe Immediately has a different definition in India... or different areas of India have definite definitions:

    Michael(Mon Dec 3 15:57:24 MST 2007)>I understand that you wish to know about the windows mobile 6.

    Michael(Mon Dec 3 15:57:36 MST 2007)>I am glad to provide you the information.

    Michael(Mon Dec 3 15:58:05 MST 2007)>As of now we do not have the exact date but it will be released by the end of this week.
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    well either we have:
    1) 3 techs who say the same lie (mine told me soon no date same old script)
    2) 3 people who lie (doubtful)
    3) its coming out by Friday (supposed date)
    In Geological time Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Soon does mean 6months to 2 years.
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    We just got a tip that certification for the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for Palm’s Treo 750 will finally be going live tomorrow AM on AT&T’s site. Could this be true? Probably, but we wouldn’t bet our Motorola Q9 with Wi-Fi and Windows Mobile 6.1 on it.
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    from the looks of it, this could be legit, when I talked to At&t earlier, they explained that they couldn't give me an exact date, but I should definalty check the upgrade site by noon tomorrow 10/4. We'll just have to wait and see....
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    Man, I was more interested in the Moto Q with 6.1!!!! Copy/paste on a smartphone, yummmmmm
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    Quote Originally Posted by insidr View Post
    It's easier to flash than the Palm, and you don't risk bricking the phone. I would recommend the AU3 version over the ROW version. I have tried all the flavors, including the ATT. I've flashed using the desktop .exe method and using the SD card. Here are my observations:

    The SD card method does not update the version numbering, but that has no effect on the update's completion.
    The ATT version has lots of extra junk on it, links to ATT partners, etc. It works fine, but I don't want a lot of extras.
    The RWE (ROW) version seems to get into a carrier search mode for a long time and has to be reset to become reliable again.
    Tha AU3 version has no extras, and seems to find carrier faster and more reliably. I hate their silly "3" when you turn the phone on and off, but that's the only time you have to see it.

    The SD card method is the easiest. Just format a miniSD card, copy the Cheeimg.nbh file, hold the button and let the process go. The desktop method requires a simple edit of the packages file so that it will be fooled into thinking your Treo is the right flavor. Both methods end up with the same install.

    If you don't like it, or if you have a warranty issue, you can always re-flash back to WM5 with no risk.

    How/Where do you get the image file for WM5 to reflash it back if WM6 blows or because of warranty issues ??
    The Mediamax link came back with errors because the file is greater than 10MB.
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