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    I have a scenario here that should be simple for you folks.

    At my office, I use my sync cable to sync files and keep my 750 charged all day. However, when I want to visit some non-company sanctioned websites, I want to use my phone to do it.

    Currently, when I try to browse from my phone, I get the IE page cannot be displayed because the connection was lost error. It looks like it is trying to use my PC's internet to complete the request. This poses a problem because like I said, this is non-santioned browsing.

    What I want to do is have the phone while tethered use ATT's HSDPA connection, while at the same time, have my pc use it's own T3 Internet connection. If I disconnect the usb cable, my phone and pc will browse correctly. Currently my pc works throught the LAN correctly even with the phone tethered.

    Thanks in advance for any help you may give.

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    Your phone cant be connected via activesync in order to do this. If you are using WM6, you can just enable Internet Sharing, which will disable the activesync connection between your device and your computer then connect you to the internet.

    So, this is how it will work:

    1. Surf net using your company's internet connection to all approved sites.
    2. When you want to go to a non approved site, enable Internet Sharing on the Treo
    3. Unplug your ethernet cable from your computer
    4. You should now be surfing via your 750


    OK, I just reread your message and I think you want to browse from your phone while its connected and tethered to your computer. You can still do this, but you want to make sure you are using the "ATT" connection and not the "ICS" connection under Internet Sharing.
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    Thanks for the reply. You are correct with your rereading. However, that is how I currently have it setup. Under Start-->Settings-->Connections-->Advanced-->Select Networks, both fields are set to use My ISP, which is the ATT connection. This is not working. BTW: I am still on WM5.
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    OK, i dont think this will work if you are still on WM5. Under WM5, the phone uses DUN to do tethering. Under WM6, it uses a different method called internet sharing. (similar to how the 3rd party PDAnet program does tethering)

    When you upgrade to WM6, this will be very easy to do and its pretty nice.


    Keep in mind, you will NOT be able to sync files while you are tethered. Activesync is disabled when you are tethered so you will be able to surf on the phone but it will not sync up to any data on your phone until you disable the tethering session and activesync is re-enabled.
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    I understand. Thanks for the help Edrego. Now the question is do I stay on WM5 and wait out Palm's around the corner comment, or just get the WM6 downloads?

    Take care.

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