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    just saw that Microsoft Mobile Office 6.1 has been relesed. it now has support for .docx from word 2007. just to let you know

    download here
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    I installed this yesterday, and it works great. The install is odd, though, (at least on my Treo), it put another Office folder in my 'Programs' folder, called Office(1). I didn't know why. Well, remember that the original Office is installed on the phone, not your Storage Card. So when I installed to my Storage Card (habit), I had two copies of it. Makes sense, right?

    So then I uninstalled it, and then re-installed it to my device. Then I had 3 folders, Office, Office(1) and Office(2)!! Maddening! So then I uninstalled Office using both the device (Remove Programs) and ActiveSync. But the folders were still there. Finally, I realized that this is an installer problem. It only installs one copy of Office, which is fine, but it just doesn't remove the folders right. So I installed it on my device storage, then I went into \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ and manually removed all the new Office(...) folders, and all was well.

    So a big tip is to: install Office on the device memory, not the Storage Card.

    It would be interesting to see if other people had this same multiple programs folder problem, if they only installed to the local storage the first time.
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    Is there any noticeable enhancements in speed or functionality with new office 6.1, or is it just support for new formats???? I dont use newer formats anyway, so still wondering if I need newer office 6.1??
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    I installed it to the device and I also got two folders - Office Mobile and Office Mobile (1). Which one should I delete and how do I delete it?

    And yes, even if you don't use Office 2007 yourself someone coudl E-mail you a file in the new format. If you haven't installed the update you won't be able to open the file.

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    i just notice that the instalation took 7mb off my devise, is this the same all around? i thought it would just install over/uninstall the old version. in the active sync add/remove section it says it's only 3mb.

    is there anything i can do bar uninstalling? is it the same for the rest of you?
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    Not Happy. I ave same problem with it installing an additional folder. looks like crap. can't delete it. I uninstalled the update. the folder is still there. can anyone help?
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    If you will read my previous post, you can see how to remove the folder - it is in \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\. Use Explorer to navigate to that folder and remove the shortcut folder called Office (1).
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    Excellent! Thanks!

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