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    Found within another recent thread, but I tried it (after having lost it the 2 times before), and it works! Use the link below to download the CAB file. I used the old Cache fix and everything seems to work. I've watched several channels successfully.

    Hopefully this one will last. it's a nice tool to have.
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    It does work, but you have to do the cache update almost every time you use it, small price to pay as long as it works in my book!
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    I gave up!
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    Let me know when it is legitimate and I'll take a look again. I'm tired of fighting with it.
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    Locks up on me while loading the channels. I've tried the cache fix to no avail.
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    once again the program has error message that appears then shuts down shortly there after
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    Is it really worth all the headaches? I had it when it was working perfectly, and it was cool, but I never really even used it.

    Sounds like it's going to be a constant struggle.
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    Just as an FYI...MobiTV has some new channels that are currently on SprintTV...and the only reason why I fooled with SprintTV was because of mainly the NFL network, but now MobiTV has the heck with the headaches of SprintTV

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