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    Is this behavior normal? When I delete an email from the Inbox in Pocket Outlook and then sync wirelessly to my Exchange server, isn't the email supposed to be deleted out of the inbox on the server as well?

    I swear it used to do that, but now it's not, and I can't find any setting anywhere to check to make sure it does it. Any thoughts?

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    I know there is a choice in your outlook options to delete items manually, immediately, or on connect/disconnect. See if that works, I never had that problem
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    I thought this was normal? Its never deleted it off of my main outlook when I delete off the treo. Is it not normal? Wonder how to fix it....
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    i had this same issue. you need to delete the activesync account and recreate it - deleting/replacing all the items on the phone. it will then work correctly.

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