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    I have had a 750 since January, out of the blue a few weeks ago the phone started randomly changing to the Casablanca time zone. I am in the Pacific time zone so this is rather annoying. I have no clue why this is happening. Any ideas, it just does this randomly after the phone has been sitting alone for a while.
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    No idea.. but it sounds like a real SMARTphone...
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    Your local carrier may be transmitted the wrong time zone - this happened to me in Mpls for a few months over the summer. I'd fly home and everything would be an hour off, and I found that I was on the GMT -6 - MEXICO CITY time zone, not the GMT -6 US Central time zone. Go into the time settings, "more" tab, and uncheck "Use Network Time Zone." The only downside is you have to manually change your time zone when traveling (use the "time" tab).

    I've since switched back (a hard reset will do that for you), and haven't had any issues recently.


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