Hi - I am new here, and sorry if I ask something that has been discussed already. I have a Treo 700 WX running Window Mobile 5.0. Is anybody familiar with a (working) video player that can run on my Treo, and can display videos encapsulated in SMIL multimedia format ?

I have tried installing a couple of SLIM that are described that they can do the job, Interobject and Ambulant. I was unable to install Interobject - I got an error message when I was running the installation program. Ambulant player installed well on my Treo, seems to play the SMIL demo files that it is coming with, but showed a frozen screen rather than the video. It did presents well the rest of the details of the SMIL, such as titles and statics images.

Any ideas ? Are there any changes on the OS setting that I can make ?

On the same topic, since running videos on PDA with SMIL is quite important - can somebody recommend a different PDA that supports it ?

Thanks a lot in advance