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    is there a full tutorial or step by step instructions to get the vista theme for my treo. sorry if this was posted before. i am new to the treo.

    thank you.
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    I use wyldstallyns258's vista ultimate wallpaper found in this thread:

    The thread explains how to use it. I've had my Treo for a few months and, thanks to the good people on this forum, I am very happy with it.
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    that link was a little confusing. still doesnt make scense.
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    The only way you'll get a Vista theme on your 700 is if you use/install WisBar Advance.
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    as Captain Chuck said, you need Wisbar advanced 3, and Wisbar advanced Desktop

    They are from a company called Lakeridge

    go check them out, and buy the software.
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    thanks for being helpful
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    Quote Originally Posted by stickshifty View Post
    thanks for being helpful
    we were

    The only way to run "vista" on any windows mobile phone is by a skin

    another person and myself told you the software to look up.

    once you have the program installed go ahead and search the software company's forums for skins.

    there are about 5 different vista skins

    look up "QVGA" and you should be all set

    the Link the first person posted goes over all of this

    you said everything on that thread was confusing; if that's the case skinning your treo may not be for you. Wouldn't want you to be in more of a pickle.

    the best thing you can do is go download a demo or buy the mentioned software

    and please, stop being so hard headed and acting like a prprpr*$ck$ $every$ $time$ $someone$ $tries$ $to$ $help$ $you$.

    If you try everything out that was mentioned, and are still faced with issues; come back and try being more polite with people

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