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    I just acquired a treo 750 from my dad cause he was having issues with it but did a device reset with the software off palms site. The issue was he could not acquire a signal at all. Well it worked fine when I was at home under "U" network. I am not sure if that is EDGE or 3G, but I am guessing 3G. Well I am back up in Pensacola, fl now. I acquire "G" or GSM network just fine with 2-4 bars. I try to place a call but it just says dialing. I never here the phone ringing when I try it.

    To sum it up I have service but can not call out or anything? Any Ideas?
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    I have that problem with them all the time. Then when I do get through I drop 2-3 calls everyday. Not sure how they get away with the commercials but their system is a JOKE!
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    I had an absolutely horrible time with dropped calls with my old phone, a Samsung x something clamshell, but I haven't noticed any connectivity problems with the Treo.

    I tend to agree though, ATT service pretty much sucks across the board. Things seemed to run better when Cingular was the nameplate. I would have defected to Verizon if I hadn't been offered a real sweet deal to upgrade to the Treo.
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    I have a LG CU500. That phone is awesome. Always get coverage. I get 5 bars in the edge network with it. I can't wait till backwards Pensacola gets 3g in two months.

    But bump back to my question.

    Is this a software issue with the phone or what?
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    I have had AT&T, and Cingular, for close to 7 years. There are two times where I would drop a call. The first time I notice is usually after I tell someone that I rarely drop a call. The second was when I was in a house in Newberg, OR and the house was in a depression where the signal didn't reach due to terrain. I could get enough of a signal outside the house to talk, but the inside the house was another question. A good portion of that issue was resolved for me because many people complained about the T68i and they sent us all different phones with better radios/antennas. I would see what the landscape is around me.

    I work at Costco. Our building and the way it is made wreaks havoc on some people's reception. Our phone kiosk techs have had to walk outside to activate the Verizon phones when their computer system goes down.

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