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    Can anyone get this to work on a Treo?

    I got 0.9.5 working, but did not see any way to dump the on-screen keypad. The keypad was also mapped incorrectly, I assume, because of the Treo's square screen. Still, I could see the game running in the top half of the screen, and with a generous amount of frame skip, I think it would have been playable -if the controls worked.

    0.9.6 (the latest version) does not work at all. I load the game, but nothing happens and it returns to the FPSECE main screen.
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    It is doable. This guy did it:

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    Replying to my own post.

    Yes, it is doable. The easiest way is to use Nyditot. But there are other options. I'll try to post them here later.
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