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    Somethings taking all my memory, so I'm going to take the plunge on the Sprint 1.15 ROM update and start from scratch. Tough decision because I've been running stable for a long time with a bunch of hacks.

    Question: The date on's DST updater is the same as the ROM update. Do I need to run the DST updater after the ROM. It seems that should have been included in the new ROM.

    Plan is to hard reset first and then do the secure erase. Fingers crossed...
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    I wouldn't do the update. Try to figure out what's using memory. Use memaid or sktools to clean up the device.

    Why temp fate? Some have had issues with the update.`
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    Update went w/o a hitch. I've got stereo bluetooth without the hack and the updated Palm messaging. Going through the process of getting updates of all my apps while I'm at it...the first of which was memmaid.

    I tried running memmaid before updating the ROM, with no luck. It was time for a fresh start, and I think I'm glad i did it....for now.
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    Did the update since it first came out ages ago. Despite all the naysayers my 700Wx works better than before the update (not that it wasn't solid before ).
    All my hacks and so forth work just fine.
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