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    I ended up being out with the family this weekend and I had to take some video because no one had a video camera and of course I said "oohh my phone can take video"... Not great I warned them, but it will work. So I took the videos and stored them on my 2GB MiniSD card. Now i have a couple hundred megs of movies and it looks like when I put the card in my computer they are .3gp videos. I want to watch them on a normal PC (really just send them to family) who will be running WindowsXP or maybe even Vista.. I figured I would convert them to a viewable format like .mpg, .avi or .wmv for the sake of using Windows Media Player and not confusing the already.... confused

    Any suggestions on how to view the videos with WMP in Windows or convert them easily to a viewable format?

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    You'll need to get a 3rd party app such as Super to transcode your video.
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    i used SuperC and it keeps giving me an error when I go and add the files to the list to encode. It tries the one then says "ERROR" then goes on to the next, then finnally ends with all errors... Any settings you suggest because that may be my problem. I have the files on the MiniSD card in my computer and I copied card's contents to a folder on my desktop.

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