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    Please help! Verizon doesn't even know how to do this...

    I'm trying to get my optonline email to download and send out via my treo. I've been able to get it to download email but it won't send out email.

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    Optonline does not allow relaying from outside of their network. You can POP your mail from them, but you will have to send all outbound email through the service provided by VZW.

    For spam control and security, it's the right thing to do. For convenience, it stinks.

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    I get Optonline email via myTreo 700w. I just created a new account called Optonline (in Messaging, Tools, New Account) and set up the account (Email setup steps 1-4).
    Let me know if you need help.
    When it syncs, you will get the in box, put that is it. You won't see sent emails and I haven't been able to reply or email via this account ( I use my Outlook one).

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